Pro-Metabolic Brownies

If I told you I just enjoyed a brownie with a glass of milk, would you believe me? Well, I’ve been dabbling into what’s called a “pro-metabolic” way of eating for a little while, and this flourless brownie falls into those parameters. What is a pro-metabolic diet you might ask? Well, Continue reading “Pro-Metabolic Brownies”

My favourite way to cook Beef Tongue

One of the reasons I love beef tongue (other than the flavour and texture), is that it’s a great source of cholesterol, as it is about 50% fat and 50% protein. It’s also a great source of B12, iron and zinc, Continue reading “My favourite way to cook Beef Tongue”

Dark Cherry Gelatin Gummies

Why gummies, you might think…Well, I’m glad you asked.

Gummies are an easy, fun, and delicious way to incorporate more glycine-rich gelatin into one’s diet, and most people could use more glycine.

Glycine is an amino acid that can mostly be found in collagen powder, bovine gelatin, bone broth, and in the connective tissue and fat of ruminants. Continue reading “Dark Cherry Gelatin Gummies”

Beef Taco Bowls (minus the taco)

You will never satisfy your hunger eating chicken salads for lunch and fish and broccoli for dinner. Want to feel full and nourished without feeling like you need to binge on everything and anything past 8 o’clock? Eat more red meat!!! Continue reading “Beef Taco Bowls (minus the taco)”

Raw Carrot Salad

Also known as the Ray Peat Carrot Salad, this is my twist on this estrogen balancing salad. The classic version is nothing more than raw carrots, MCT oil, vinegar and salt, but I like my salads to be more exciting.

The reason why this salad is recommended on estrogen lowering protocols and healthy-hormone eating plans is based on the “cleansing” property of raw carrots. Because they are essentially a great form of easy to digest soluble fibre, they prevent the reabsorption of estrogen Continue reading “Raw Carrot Salad”

Salted Tahini Chocolate

For the sweet & salty lovers out there, these are just what you need. If you are not quite familiar with tahini yet I strongly encourage you to try it, it works amazingly well in sweet foods although in my opinion underutilized. If you’ve ever had the Middle-Eastern dessert called “halva”, then you know what tahini is.

Continue reading “Salted Tahini Chocolate”

Fat-Fueled Chia Pudding

So, I sort of got slightly obsessed with this breakfast last summer, to a point where I had it every single day (even when travelling) and got everyone around me obsessed with it as well. It’s just that delicious. Especially when berries are in season. Continue reading “Fat-Fueled Chia Pudding”

Tahini Tuna Salad

I have made this salad more times than I can count and yet have never really shared the recipe until today. Actually I’m on my Instagram account right now and just realized I said I’d post this, 3 years ago. Never believe when I promise to post a recipe soon, it’s almost certainly a lie.

Continue reading “Tahini Tuna Salad”