Beef Taco Bowls (minus the taco)

You will never satisfy your hunger eating chicken salads for lunch and fish and broccoli for dinner. Want to feel full and nourished without feeling like you need to binge on everything and anything past 8 o’clock? Eat more red meat!!! Continue reading “Beef Taco Bowls (minus the taco)”

Raw Carrot Salad

Also known as the Ray Peat Carrot Salad, this is my twist on this estrogen balancing salad. The classic version is nothing more than raw carrots, MCT oil, vinegar and salt, but I like my salads to be more exciting.

The reason why this salad is recommended on estrogen lowering protocols and healthy-hormone eating plans is based on the “cleansing” property of raw carrots. Because they are essentially a great form of easy to digest soluble fibre, they prevent the reabsorption of estrogen Continue reading “Raw Carrot Salad”

The Only Way I’ll Eat Beef Liver

I’ll be the first to admit; it took me at least a dozen times of eating liver to actually find it tolerable. Not even tasty, tolerable. I probably ate it another dozen times after that to truly enjoy the flavor and texture.

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