Tired of the yo-yo dieting, feeling uncomfortable in your body, and confused about what to eat?

I’ve been there, far too many times. For the better part of my twenties and thirties, I went between cycles of starving myself to “loose the last 5 lbs”, to being so hungry I would an entire jar of nut butter. Constantly starving, and bingeing – I did this for years. I didn’t trust mu hunger, and I just didn’t understand enough about food to make better decisions. I thought of hunger as something to fight, I was proud of my willpower. I was always considered pretty skinny, although I felt self-conscious and didn’t like my body very much. 

Over the past fifteen or so years of my life, I have tried almost every single mainstream diet out there, from Vegan to Paleo to Keto, I’ve tried it all. While each diet offered some benefits and provided an initial weight loss or feeling of lightness (all diets work at first), they all had their pitfalls, and ultimately none of these ways of eating solved my persistent body image issues. Not to mention a whole slew of symptoms that came with the constant cycles of starvation and bingeing. Most days I felt inflamed, tired, and weak.

Now let’s be clear, health is never a linear journey, and I am still learning and tweaking small things within my diet on a regular basis. But, I finally feel like I have found a way of eating that really nourishes my body and provides it with what it needs. I am approaching 40, and frankly have never felt so strong, so healthy, and so good in my own skin. The difference that this way of eating and living has made on my health is radical, and I love sharing it with my clients to help them regain their self-esteem, their energy, and their quality of life.

A little bit about my education: I am a certified Health Coach who studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and have learned what I know not only through my training, but from years of my own research and experience in the field of nutrition and functional health. For 15 years now, I have read dozens of books, nutrition papers, and listened to hundreds of podcasts from the most respected people in the field of nutrition science. I have also learned a tremendous amount through my own struggles with health and body image, and I am grateful to get an opportunity to help others with the lessons I’ve learned.

I practice a bio-individual approach to health and nutrition, which means that even though there are certain core principles that apply to most people (like eating a high amount of quality protein for example), there are many other that vary depending on the individual. I love working with women from all kinds of different backgrounds with different body types and different goals, because every person has unique requirements based on their current state, their lives, and where they want to be. 

My approach consists of placing good quality protein at the forefront, with consideration to different needs and preferences when it comes to fats and carbs. I advise my clients to focus on whole and minimally processed foods as often as possible, as they are not only the most nutrient dense, but also the most satiating. Satiety is important in my approach, because I know that nobody can stay hungry forever. We all love to eat, and shouldn’t starve ourselves to achieve our goals.

If you are tired of feeling unhappy with your body and can’t bare the thought of going on another starvation diet, send me a DM on Instagram to schedule a free call, and start your journey to FOOD FREEDOM.

Ready to live your best life? Let’s do this!