Vietnamese Chopped Salad

It’s spring time everybody!  How freaking exciting is that?!  I love season changes.  Except for winter.  I could definitely live without winter.  But spring means no more snow, it means a lot more fresh local produce, means summer is coming and salads are on the menu again!  Not that you can’t eat them in the winter but I think you know what I mean. Continue reading “Vietnamese Chopped Salad”

Creole Grilled Chicken with Root Vegetable Puree

Have you ever had the Creole Chicken at Cactus Club?  Best chicken I’ve ever had, by far.  As soon as I tasted it for the first time, I knew I would be on a quest to find the recipe or at least something similar.  Well, I couldn’t get my hands on Chef Fernie’s original recipe, but this comes pretty darn close!  It is just so freaking juicy and full of flavours it will literally blow your mind. Continue reading “Creole Grilled Chicken with Root Vegetable Puree”