Kale anyone?

I’m not going to annoy you guys with a list of health benefits of this leafy green, even though I realllllyyy want to….I’ll save it for later 😉

I’m just going to say this: if you haven’t found a way to enjoy it yet, get on it! It’s superfood reputation is well-founded, and it deserves a spot in anyone’s kitchen.

Here are my fave ways to enjoy kale:
•Kale salad -here’s the trick though: you can’t really just toss kale in a salad bowl and call it a day, your kale likes a little massage in order to relax, if you skip that step you’ll be chewing on hay. So rip the kale from the stem and toss it in a bowl with some fresh lemon juice and sea salt, and use your hands to massage that in the leaves. Give it a few minutes, then press the juices out and mix with the rest of your ingredients.

•Sautéd- I love it as a quick side dish with my eggs for breakfast: just sauté in your favorite fat (I love coconut oil for this), sea salt, garlic and a dash of lemon juice.

•Kale chips-this one is my favorite when I have a lot of kale in the garden- wash the leaves and pat them dry, then discard the stems. Toss the leaves in melted coconut oil, garlic salt and a little bit of nutritional yeast. Lay on a baking sheet and throw in the oven @350 for about 12 mins or until crispy. You’ll be surprised how addictive these are.

That’s all.  Hope you become a kale lover and enjoying trying these simple recipes!

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